Click here for a PDF of these pages as well as the two pages sharing our Spring classes. This strategy is based off of a great deal of work in the area of Adult Education in our church through gifted previous Directors, as well as best common practices used in churches across the USA, as well as global assimilation and maturation needs inside our community. In many ways this strategy is and will continue to be a strategy in conversation with the continuing changing needs of our congregation.

“AFC Opportunities” is an acronym for all the program ministries involved in our Adult Formation Committee. “CLC Opportunities” is an acronym for all the sub-committees involved in our Congregational Life Committee. The idea conveyed in listing them is to acknowledge that Adult Education cannot function as an island to itself.

If you’re a Director of Adult Education at a church I’d love to hear what you are doing to mature disciples and how you’re connecting Adult Education to all the myriad of ministries in your local congregation.