We’ve started a new series called “The Dangers of Consumer Christianity” with our college ministry. One of the best books I’m reading for this series is a book by Laura Hartman called, “The Consumer Christian.” Her book definitely made me think twice when it came to how we had named this series. One of her arguments is that consumption is a necessary part of life so the title “The Dangers of Consumer Christianity” can be misleading if someone reading it thinks we’re saying that all consumption is a bad thing. We’re not, in our series we’re observing ways in which the church has bought into irresponsible and injurious consumption and how it can repent from that posture moving toward responsible consumption and culture-making.

As part of the series we’re having our students conduct live interviews with random students on surrounding campuses asking them the question that is going to frame each night’s focus. Here are the videos and with the questions in them that shape our night: