This Summer I’m taking a team of about 20 people to Grand Goave, Haiti to work with orphans for a week and a half. We’ll be working with the “Hands & Feet Project” who’s been in Haiti since 2004 and is committed to building orphanages across Haiti to reach 1,000 orphans by 2016. Click here to visit our Haiti Mission Trip information page. Or you can download a two-page in-house flyer we developed for the team going by clicking here (an image of it is below).

Part of the challenge we face in preparing as a team of 20 to go is that part of our team are college students spread out across the West Coast. In order to keep them up to speed we’ve turned our PowerPoint Presentations into videos and hosted them at our college YouTube account page. You can check out that page here or check a few of those videos out below: