We are going to be spending only six weeks on the Apostles’ Creed which means our ability to offer expansive commentary and contemporary application from the Apostles’ Creed will be limited. The reason we’re going through the Apostles’ Creed is that our church will be spending an entire year starting in the Fall going through the biblical story, front to back. This kind of series has a lot of benefits for our community, but it also has some limitations like leaving them with the impression that all they need is their bible to understand their faith when in actuality tradition and culture always shape how we read scripture (part of the communal image humanity was made from). Every interpreter of Scripture comes to the biblical text with certain theological commitments, even those who are intentionally trying to only use historical-critical tools to read scripture with. We are undertaking this series in order to help our community better understand some of the wider ecumenical creedal commitments our church works from as she reads Scripture.

Here are a few of the works I have been able to find that are helpful on the Apostles Creed;

Piotr Ashwin-Siejkowski, The Apostles’ Creed

J.N.D. Kelley, The Apostles Creed

C.E.B. Cranfield, The Apostles Creed

Alister McGrath, We Believe

Robert W Jensen, Canon and Creed

Jaroslav Pelikan, Credo

J. Stevenson, Creeds, Councils, and Controversies

Luke Timothy Johnson, The Creed