WCF Class 4 (Tony Stiff Revision)

I substitute taught this class today at Centerpoint. One of our gifted Ruling Elders at Centerpoint is leading a class through the Westminster Confession of Faith. The PPT  was originally designed by him and then redesigned by me to fit some of the emphasis’s on the WCF expressed during my studies at Westminster Theological Seminary. Click here to download the PPT of the Presentation.

WCF Class 4 (Tony Stiff Revision)c

Please keep in mind we only had 1hr to cover Chapters 7 & 8, and the focus of this class is to help the participants get a sense of the “intent of the Divines,” its not to offer them a full theological or exegetical explanation and defense of the WCF’s statements.

WCF Class 4 (Tony Stiff Revision)b