In the past four years our committee has moved from a focus largely spent on funding professional missionaries overseas to a more integrated approach of supporting key missionaries overseas while also mobilizing teams to do deep, sustainable, local church partnership driven work in Ensenada, Mx and Grand Goave, Haiti.

Resting on missional ecclesiology we took a hard look at the theological and philosophical foundations of why we do missions. We decided that we needed to get away from the 90’s stick a pin on a board mission sponsorship approach, to a more intentional partnership in three areas we are sending teams along with intentional long-term partnerships with missionaries we’ve supported over eight years. Our hope is to mobilize more of our congregation into cross-cultural missionary work, while also investing in local church partnerships, the training of indigenous church planters in the countries we work in, and continual prayer and financial support to our longstanding global partners that many of our congregants have been deeply involved with.

We want to mobilize our congregation because we believe that the Great Commission is something we are all to invest in. Not that all of us can or should go in the same capacity, but we are collectively called to  live sent locally and globally, and care for those who have at great cost to themselves relocated their families to live as full-time cross-cultural missionaries out of our country. There is a lot of talk against short-term missions, much it comes down to utilitarian principals. How can you make the greatest difference with your financial investments? The answer usually given is don’t send teams, fund professionals. We believe that part of the witness of the church is its global ethos. As the world sees the church globally serving together it is called into a greater story, into greater community. Serving side-by-side with our brothers and sisters in these different countries helps us embody the global ethos of the church.

The video above is our way of summarizing opportunities for cross-cultural mission work and partnership. In addition to these focuses we also have structured our budget in such a way that we can send individuals to other places our teams are unable currently to go. And in addition to Global Missions we have a Local Missions committee that cares for our immediate area and our nation, which I also serve as the Pastor over it.