Henri Nouwen intro

I spent week one on introducing Henri Nouwen to the class and helped place our book in the wider historical context of Nouwen’s life at Yale and his sabbatical at the Abbey of the Genesee. Click here to download a PDF of this PPT.

If you have an interest in studying Henri Nouwen in greater depth I have found that the best biography on him is a pictorial one by Michael O’Laughlin called “Henri Nouwen: His Life and Vision.” Most people will point to Michael Ford’s biography, “Wounded Prophet,” but Ford himself in the preface says his book is less a biography and more a portrait of Nouwen. One of the strengths of O’Laughlin’s biography is that he includes quotes from Nouwen’s writings that were written during that time in his life so you leave the book with not only a biographical understanding of Nouwen, but also an exposure to several of his writings.

Henri Nouwen introb