While completing my PhD in Practical Theology at the University of Aberdeen I am serving as pulpit supply for Church of Scotland congregations in the Aberdeenshire Presbytery. It is such a blessing to preaching in churches that have been a blessing to generations of Christians. The churches are as beautiful from the outside as they are from the inside. As I’ve talked with members at a few of the churches it has been wonderful to hear all their stories of how their churches have been faithful presences for Christ in their city for hundreds of years.

In order to capture these sermons I’m recording on an iPhone because the churches don’t have the capability to do video sermons. The quality of this sermon recording is not as good as my video sermons from Centerpoint but it nevertheless is a way for me to share my preaching experiences in Scotland while I’m here. You will also notice that almost all the Church of Scotland churches practice manuscript style preaching rather than multi-media driven preaching. So there is no Power Point for this sermon like my sermons from Centerpoint.